On a happier note. . .

On my way to the interview, four people got onto the train I was in. Actually, there were more people than that, but these four really stood out.
They were each wearing a red, shiny baseball jacket. The jacket had one of those eye in the pyramid things that are on the US dollar, only it had sprouted wings, and it was framed by the words "Security Angel" and "Safety Patrol". They were wearing black cargo pants, black work boots, black, grippy gloves and red berets. Each beret was covered in a variety of pins. . . Gold stars, eagles, Japanese and American flags, anime characters, the numbers 9 1 1. . . They had utility belts with water bottles, walkie talkies, and lots of keychains strapped to them. These people were all business. They paired off, and stood by the doors of the train car. At each stop, one member of each pair would get off the train, stand by the door, and then get back on once all of the "normal people" had disembarked, and gotten onto the train. They had fancy hand signals, and there was a lot of nodding and eye contact going on. I wanted really badly to take their picture, but I was afraid that one of the Security Angels would confiscate my ketai, and I had an interview to get to. . .

In summary, the Security Angels did not make me feel safe. In fact, they instilled a fear in me where there wasn't one before. I must be unsafe, if I need people in red jackets to protect me. Although, I guess whatever it was they were protecting me from couldn't be all that bad, if all it took to ward them off was a water bottle and some keychains.


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