Chapter Two

The Ghost of Christmas Past

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(I didn't actually take any pictures on Christmas. These were taken by James and given to me by Mark)

To those of you who were concerned, Christmas was lovely.
I spent it with some wonderful British people, and a Canadian. It felt good to be outnumbered.

"Prezzies" were exchanged,

games were played. . .

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dinner was made. . .
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and we ended the evening of good conversation, good food and good times by watching the Never Ending Story.

lovely, lovely, lovely


Blogger myste said...

i'm sorry, i'm still rendered speechless by the photographic presence of a christmas tree on your blog

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Priscilla Sakal said...

Hi Honey,
I am just curious was this at your apartment?? Was that the christmas tree we sent to you last year?? I am so touch and happy to see that you had a wonderful Christmas. Can't wait till you're home for Christmas. I been thinking of Easter and how sad it is that I won't be hiding easter eggs. Are you laughing?? Love, mom

9:42 AM  

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