Better late than never?

I can only hope. . .
Sometimes I forget that you read this of your own free will, and I feel guilty for posting things that are only interesting to me. On the flip side, I feel guilty for NOT posting things as well. . . This is really a lose lose situation, until I inevitably snap out of it, throw caution to the wind, and blog to my little heart's content. . .

All that said. . . Press on little heart of mine! May the huge hearts of the readers at large be warmed, inspired and at the very least, entertained.

The long awaited, and much anticipated, soon to be fully appreciated. . .


Can you handle it? I certainly hope so.

Chapter One

The Kasukabe Krew and Satte Too Christmas Fest

(That's not what we called it, but in retrospect, we SHOULD have)
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Here we have Sharon (aka: Shaz. . . Aussies are big on nicknames, and abbreviation in general). She's an artist from Arizona, that shares an appreciation with myself for film festivals, art shows and music. . . Although we both tend to be too busy to do any of those things together, I love it when we actually do end up in the same place at the same time.

To the right we have Adrian (aka: Age). He's from Melbourne, and is my vegetarian partner in non-crime. We stick together with the "Sumimasen, begetarian desu. . . " and defend one another to the server whenever our food shows up with fish flakes on top. I also love Age, because every (and I do mean every) time I see him, he is compelled to hug me and say "Aaaaaaawww. . . MEL!!!" for no apparent reason. . . .maybe it's the mutual animal love.

We had dinner. . .
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and a "white elephant" gift exchange at a local izakaiya. . .
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(In truth, Age knows you are his father. . . but don't tell anyone, it's a secret.)

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Geeeeeeeeeeeez. . . Janice! When are you going to get off that radish, and start enjoying the party?

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That's Terrence (aka: Tez) in the middle. He's from Sydney, and don't you forget it! (One time I did, and you should have heard the lecture he gave me!)

On the right we have Age's lovely girlfriend Yuka. Her English is flawless, and in fact, she has an adorable British accent from studying abroad, so I personally like her English better than my own.

No evening would be complete without a good round of Karaoke
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That's Rachel on the mic, giving her rendition of what was most likely a pop song.

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Let me introduce you to Marcus from Canada, and his girlfriend Mitsuko. I love them both, and you would too, trust me.

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These are two girls that we ran into on the way to Karaoke. Apparently Tez had met one of them somewhere before, so we convinced them to join us for the latter half of our Christmas shinanagins.

Good times had by all.
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pi-su out


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