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Perhaps you are wondering what this is. Is it from a recent adventure? Is it from some far and distant place, with the strangest landscape ever?

Nope. Nope. Nope.

That's a picture of my skirt. . .after I let it marinate in Matte for about five months.
It was originally a light gray skirt, until I spilled some tea on it. Rather than bleach out the spot, I thought maybe I could die the skirt using Matte. I've always loved the color of Matte. . . So, I made a fresh pot, poured it over my skirt, and put it in a glass tupperware outside my apartment.
Then I forgot about it. . . Well, I did remember it from time to time. At first I thought, the longer it soaks the better, right? And then, after a few months had passed, every time I thought about the skirt I would be too afraid to check it out. I've had bad experiences with leaving liquids in jars before (Katie, I'm sure you remember the "death smell" that never did leave my car after that art project gone terribly, terribly wrong.)

Today, I was feeling particularly courageous (and curious). So, there you have it.
The mold had eaten a hole through my skirt, so there's no way I could have salvaged it.
Although I admit, the thought did cross my mind. So if you ever see me in a strangely colored skirt and you want to give me a hug, but you're worried about mold infestation, you have nothing to fear.


Anonymous Kt said...

Please lets not mention the words "death smell" ever again.
It brings back BAD memories.

8:56 AM  
Blogger stewie stewart said...


12:44 PM  
Blogger Michael Webber said...

I tried so hard to figure out what that picture could possibly be of. The closest thought I had was a light snowfall on some clothes on the road, and that wasn't close. Maybe you should try dying your skirt in tea for 4 months next time.

6:57 AM  

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