Last, but most certainly not least

These are the last of my Matsushima photos. . .

On my first full day in Matsushima, I woke up early, without a plan.
On my way to the station, I saw this path, and I had to walk through it.
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Wouldn't you?

This is what was at the other end. . .
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Sometimes curiosity does pay off.

Only at a beach in Japan, would I not be surprised to find an abandoned rice cooker.
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An early morning at the beach is the best way to start your day.
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Later, I ran into my roommate from the hostel. Frauka (I doubt I spelled that right) is a retired English teacher from Germany. She looks like she's in her 60s (although I didn't ask) and she's traveling through Japan, alone, for six weeks (and I thought I was tough). She insisted on letting me borrow the bike she had rented, because she was done using it for the day.

So I took her bike and rode to the island of Okamustushima.
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It was amazing.

The weather was nice and cool. It was just beginning to rain, when I set off for what I refer to as:

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It felt like there was no one else on the island, and there definitely wasn't anyone else on this trail. . .Aside from the giant spiders, scary frogs, and a SNAKE. (Well, ok, it might not have been a snake, it could have been a really big worm. . .but, it WAS scary.) By the time I got halfway up the mountain, it had started raining. The sounds of the rain kept freaking me out, and every so often I would jump, or gasp out loud.

Along the way, I saw this little temple
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In the end it was worth it, because I ended up here. . .
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With this view. . .
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and this one. . .
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Aaaaaaaah! Matsushima!
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*PS: This has nothing to do with anything, but I thought you might like to know. . .as Katie, and anyone else that has ever slept in the same room with me can tell you, I talk in my sleep. The first night in the hostel, Frauka snored so much that I felt like I hardly slept. Apparently I did, because when we were getting ready in the morning, she told me that I had been talking in my sleep. . . IN JAPANESE! Now, if I only I could do that while I was awake. . .


Anonymous shouldbeworking said...

Dear Melissa,

LOVE all the shots of Matsushima, especially the one looking down on the bay with the fog hanging over everything, and I'm sure the pictures don't do it justice. Your Scary Hike made me remember the big creepy crawlies in Japan. I'm sure the frogs were big toads (with lots of warts), the spiders looked like tarantulas to me and the snake probably *was* a big worm.

Thanks for explaining the "an" thing. From what you described, I think its flavored and/or colored lima bean an. Mine and my mom's favorite kind. Also, in your temple lunch, what you describe as a hazelnut was nestled into the outer covering of a chestnut. At first I thought that spiky thing was a sea urchin, but I realized one of those would never touch a plate there...

As for the "characteristics" thing, well, I leave it up to your imagination and a part of the magic of Japan.


3:58 AM  
Blogger myste said...

last friday we were talking about your blog and how it is just about the best one around.

had someone been trying to cook rice at the beach over a campfire? cause thats what it looks like

how soon does spring come? when do the cherry blossoms bloom? for that my friend is when i shall come.

8:43 AM  
Blogger ms.ms said...

ms.m.s. . .

hmmm. . . who is this "we" to which you are refering? whomever it is, thank you! that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

your guess is as good as mine as to why that rice cooker was there. maybe they were new to the whole "beach" thing, and didn't realize that there aren't any outlets hiding in the sand.

spring doesn't come soon enough, let me tell you. . . last year i think things started blooming around the end of march. i can not wait until you visit!!! OH! MY! GOODNESS! WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN IT'S RIDICULOUS!!!! (i'm totally yelling right now)

thanks for reading,
thanks for commenting,
and thanks for just being you.

6:10 PM  
Anonymous kt said...

Oh I hope I can come!

Thank you for talking about spiders and me in the same post.

3:09 AM  
Blogger myste said...

"we" was me and phil and ryan and jen. phil said "you know who has one of the best blogs? melissa, its so well done and interesting to read" etc.

i am totally going to come, no backing out of this one. i need to get out of the country, i havent gone international in over 2 years and its killing me slowly

3:03 AM  

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