Home Sweet Home

This is for you Dustin.
Mi casa es su casa.
Haite kudasai!
Please take your shoes off and watch your step.

Welcome to my "tetami" room, where tea can be drank, movies can be watched, English is taught and my bed is just three steps away.

Speaking of my bedroom. . .

My bed looks huge because it IS.

Here, let me give you a little perspective on just how big it is.

The photo above, is where I am seated this very moment (and most other moments when I'm at home). And to the right we have my wardrobe. Please take note of the book that is keeping it level. At first, I thought the girl that had lived here before me had just left it there and forgot about it. I went to pick it up and realized that there was a REASON that the dusty book was on the floor.

And here we have my kitchen.

I have all the essentials, toaster oven, rice cooker, blender,
fridge, "stove" and the thing that looks like a microwave is actually an oven.
Look closely, and maybe you'll see a photo of yourself on my fridge. If you don't, perhaps you should send me one so I can put it there.

That's right.
Four separate trash areas
(one of which is later sorted into three different types).
Please look at how nicely sorted and neatly bound all my paper trash is. Do I know how to dispose of waste or what?

And what kitchen would be complete without a washing machine?

Go ahead, take a peek inside.
I know you want to.

No handy dandy turning thing!
It's a miracle that my clothes ever get clean.

Last, but not least, we have the bathroom(s).

The shower is a room all in itself, but I don't treat it that way.
I still shower the "western" way (Standing in the bathtub, rather than in the middle of the shower room.)

Some of you may be disappointed to discover, that my toilet is totally normal. That is, except for the fact that it has a sink coming out of the top of it. I think you're supposed to wash your hands in it when you're done (When you flush the toilet, water automatically begins coming out of the little spout.) But, if you ask me, washing your hands in toilet water kind of defeats the purpose.

Thanks for stopping by,
feel free to visit any time.

We all know that I have room for at least four extra people,
and that's just in that bed of mine.


Blogger Doris said...

Cute apartment!

Glad the bosses boss just wanted to chat and make sure all was well!

6:10 PM  
Blogger el Bow said...

I'm not Dustin but thanks for the tour all the same.

You're about as cute as they come.

el Bow (Buraddo)

1:28 AM  
Blogger Doi said...

Yeah, now that's what I'm talking about! This is better than a virtual tour. So now that I can see the insides, I've got all kinds of questions for ya...
1. Is that a 1 bed or 2 bed apt? By the looks of the 2nd pic i can see two doors...
2. Can you really see the images that come up on that small ass tv, or is that just for looks?
3. Is your feet and head touching opposite sides of the bedroom? I bet that makes you feel like a giant!
4. Is that your fridge or a shoe box made to look like a fridge...
5. If I ever had the chance to visit, I'd like to try out that toilet... I never knew I would be able to pee and wash my face at the same time!

7:33 AM  
Blogger ms.ms said...

WOOO! pop quiz!
1. it's a one bed, one tetami room apt.
2. you can totally see the immages on my TV! as long as you sit about three inches away from it. . .
3. no, just opposite sides of my bed, but my apartment DOES make me feel like a giant. I'VE GROWN!!! didn't you notice when i was home for your wedding? geeeeeez!!!
4. sometimes i keep shoes in my fridge.
no i don't. that would be disgusting.
5. if you ever do come to visit, remind me not to shake your hand, or give you a hi-five after you use my restroom.

7:58 AM  
Anonymous CAMNN said...

i slept on that floor three nights in a row once.

8:07 AM  
Anonymous shouldbeworking said...

Dustin! Oh man, I must refrain from visiting this site while eating lunch. I nearly spit my food out twice and my boss (who sits 10 feet away) thinks I've gone mental because I break out in loud fits of laughter all by myself. Melissa, the toilet is something else - that's taking practicality too far, if you ask me!

Thanks for the pictures,

6:16 AM  

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