I leave tomorrow (today) for a six day trip to Kyushu. I'm going with a friend of mine who lives in Satte, her soccer coach boyfriend and five of their soccer playing friends. We're renting a van and going to drive around and camp where ever we see fit. The only thing on the agenda so far is playing a game of soccer and laying out at the beach. Which are pretty much two of the all-time-last things on earth that I would want to be doing with my free time.
Playing sports and prancing around in a bathing suit in front of a bunch of sports loving strangers is not my idea of a good time. When my friend had told me the plan, I told her that she had just described my own personal hell, and asked if we were also planning to go hunting for small baby animals, which we would later eat for dinner.

Honestly, I am excited. I love road trips, I love camping, and my friend (Rachel) is great (taste in extracurricular activities aside), and her boyfriend seems pretty cool too.

Besides, it can't be any worse than what I did for Golden Week last year. . .

Some of you may have read this before, so don't feel obligated to do so again. And to all you first time readers. . . knock yourself out.

"Curiosity almost killed me.

Perhaps I'm being melodramatic (such is my tendency), but this morning I was certainly wishing things would come to an end, because they only seemed to be getting worse.

WARNING: Don't read this if you have a weak stomach, or plan on eating olive oil any time soon.

The story: A couple of weeks ago, my friend Adrian enlightened myself and a few other friends to the commonness of gallbladder stones. it turns out that 99 percent of the population have them. Fortunately, this can be taken care of a by a "simple" at home remedy; which involves drinking (Oh no, I'm feeling queasy just typing this) 2 cups of olive oil and about one cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice. (If you want the details, you can find them here: http://www.alternativehealth.co.nz/gallbladder/gallbladercleanse.htm If you want photos, you're disgusting, but so am I, go here: http://curezone.com/cleanse/liver/default.asp)

Miracle of miracles. I was able to get it all down, and keep it there for about 12 hours. until, around 7 this morning, I got up for what I was hoping to be the exit of the alleged gallbladder stones. but instead, all the olive oil and lemon juice projectiled out of my mouth. Stones or no stones. I don't care. I'm never trying that again. and I'm not eating Italian food for months. UPDATE: Holy crap. Just to let you know. . . it turns out that it worked."


Anonymous Anonymous said...


My name is Christopher and I am interested in your fun stories about the world around you. Would you e-mail me your e-mail address so I can say hello? If you are curious as to who I am, try looking me up at Pepperdine University's webpage and looking me up in the Community Living department. I hope to hear from you soon. Happy way late birthday.

4:06 PM  
Blogger ms.ms said...



Well, hello friend. I would really, really like to be receiving emails from your amazing self, but seeing as you didn't leave yours, I'm at a bit of a loss. . . and I don't want to leave mine here (I think the internet already has enough of my personal information out there for the taking). So, I'll tell you what. . . My comments are moderated, so if you send me YOUR email address, I'll send mine to you (without publishing your address for all the internet weirdos to see and put to bad use.)

9:26 PM  
Blogger ahdrew said...

was that already a year ago? oh, sweet olive oil, how i miss thee.

remember when we went jogging that once, and you cheated at jogging? that was funny.

i want feris's email, if you get it.

5:26 AM  
Blogger myste said...

i am gripped with sadness that i could not rescue you from the soccer loving freaks for golden week

1:21 AM  

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