A Sad Day in Japan

I'm in denial.

Sometime today, between the hours of 10:00 am (When I went to take my trash out) and 5:30 pm (When I left for the gym) someone, stole one of my bikes.

I was home all day today, making crafts while listening to music and/or podcasts. I keep my bikes parked outside the front door of my apartment, so whomever stole it did so while I was at home, KNOWING that I was at home. I have two bikes, one that came with my apartment, and another that I bought for when people come stay with me. Both of the bikes are pretty crappy. The bike thief took the less crappy of the two, although the other was unlocked, with the key in it.

I just don't understand, and the more I think about it, the less sense it makes. This is putting a kink in my whole "there are more good people in the world than bad ones" theory. I am the same person, living in the same neighborhood, who left both of her sliding glass doors wide open for the entire fall season. I leave my door unlocked when I go down the block to do my laundry, or when I make a run to the vegetable stand around the corner. Tonight I double checked to make sure my bike was locked up, and then I bolted my front door shut. It makes me really sad to feel like I need to do those things for reasons beyond the fact that if I don't, and for some reason my mother finds out, she'll get upset.


Blogger Derek said...

Say it ain't so. Please say it ain't so.

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